New med making someone act different?

Every time they go to the doctor, a new medication is prescribed.

Emergency room visit? New medicine.

Rehab nursing home? New medicine.

Home health? New medicine.

As their medical advocate, approach it this way to prevent trouble.

To stay on top of their latest meds, do these three things:

  1. Before leaving the doctor’s office, the hospital or a nursing home, ask for a printout of current medications.
  2. Take a picture of their list of current medications to keep on your phone.
  3. Print this medical tracker to write down any non-prescription supplements and attach the medical professional printout.
  4. Add the current medicine list to your medical document planner that includes vitals, immunizations, medical history and advance directive.

What kind of process do you use to track medications? Reply to this email—we’d love to learn from you.